Kennedy Wilson

5,880 Acres, Fee Simple, 76 Lots of Record

Kau's Island of Hawai's

Kennedy Wilson, through its affiliate KW HAWAII INC. (“KW”), is the exclusive listing broker for the sale of a collection of properties comprising over 5,880 acres of lands in the District of Ka‘ū, on the Island of Hawai‘i. The owner, HI BIV Land LLC, a special purpose entity owned by Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., has ordered the real estate to be sold in a single package which includes 76 lots of record. The bulk of the properties form three distinct large continuous sections of land: Mo‘aula Coffee Farm Lands, Na‘ālehu & Waikapuna, and Honu‘apo.

The properties include agricultural lands used for growing coffee and papaya, pasturage, miles of ocean frontage, residential, commercial and industrial zoned land. Three cellular tower site leases, pasturage leases, and farming licenses provide current income. Measured in total acreage this offering is the seventh largest private land holding in the District of Ka‘ū.

This web site and the Notice of Offering provide a general overview of the properties. Access to additional Informational Materials is available to qualified prospective buyers. A Notice of Offering and the Registration & Confidentiality Agreement are available for download in PDF format from this site.